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For rent

1. Construction, in the end of 2005 and the beginning of 2006 of a 4000m2, 2-floor commercial premises, available for reservation on demand within the scheme No.1.

2. Reconstruction, in the end of 2004, 660m2, 2-floor building designed for commercial activities, i.e. a service, a shop, a warehouse, a production, and etc. Scheme No.2, available for reservation.

3. Newly built 3-floor building with a 2 tons capacity cargo elevator, around 1000m2 storage and administrative premises of 4-5 m height. There is a possibility to equip a gas heating system on your request, wall resistance k-3, ceiling k-4, territory for minimum needs. Easy access. The building is located 80 m away from a street. Rental fee negotiable on agreement.

4. Construction, in the middle of 2005, 800m2, 2-floor building designed for an auto salon and similar, available for reservation, scheme No.4.

5. Premises for sale or for rent of 350-450m2, 2-floor building (the 1st floor of 350m2, the 2nd floor of 100m2).